Stairlift to Heaven

The day British writer Terry Ravenscroft officially became an ”old age pensioner” turned out to be one of the best days of his life.

Terry’s mischievous streak had always gotten him into trouble—with unsuspecting bureaucrats, with acquaintances, and most of all with his long-suffering wife.

But when he hit the magical age of 65, society handed him a free pass. No matter how inappropriate, petulant, or immature his behavior, everyone seemed ready to dismiss it with an airy “Oh, take no notice of him, it’s his age.”

Terry spent the next five years discovering just how much he could get away with and chronicling his observations in a bestselling memoir, Stairlift to Heaven.

The long-awaited audiobook of Stairlift to Heaven, performed by British actor and fellow OAP Christopher Godwin, is at last available.

To hear a free sampler, containing a dozen of Terry’s most outrageous escapades, click on the appropriate link below:

Coming soon: The complete audiobook, available for full download or as a five-CD set.

Stairlift to Heaven